Cooking and tasting flavours of Tuscany

Are you longing to go to Italy, to try and taste the amazing food and the traditional products that made Italy and its cuisine famous all over the world? Pratello Country Resort in the perfect place to spend your Italian sojourn.

Located in a wonderful and enchanting position deep in the green hills of Tuscany, where woodlands and olive groves meet to create an amazing atmosphere, in an elegant villa owned by noble families for generations, our elegant country resort will be the background of your Italian dream.

Enjoy your luxury Tuscany cooking vacations at Pratello Country Resort, where you will have the chance of tasting traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes in our restaurant “La Baccaccia”, where a warm and welcoming atmosphere mixes with the great taste of the Italian cuisine to offer our guests amazing moments at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you will savour the rich cuisine of the region accompanied by the most famous wines of Tuscany and a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, perfect to enjoy your meal with ease and comfort.

If you are a real food lover, don't miss the opportunity to take a cooking class in our professional kitchen with our chef Luca Rosati, who will teach you how to cook three different pasta dishes and a dessert, or to test your food knowledge with our oil tasting, where you will have the chance of savouring one of the most important food product of Tuscany, its extra virgin olive oil. You will taste the olive oil from our own production with crispy bread, local cheese and wine, and we will at your disposition to guarantee that you will totally enjoy this gastronomic experience.

Check out on our website how to participate this amazing cooking classes in Tuscany, Italy, and don't hesitate: book now your room at Pratello Country Resort and start tasting!